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Informal strategic partnership


Czech Republic, Luxembourg, South Korea


18 months

About the project:

The long-term project “InFormal – integration of non-formal education approach to the formal education system for youth empowerment at local level” is an attempt to use non-formal education as a tool for youth empowerment and productive trans-national co-working platform for educators coming from formal education and youth field (NGOs and other youth authorities).

This project particularly targets educators, teachers, professors, trainers, community leaders and policy makers in the field of education. With this project we want to bring two systems: formal and non-formal for dialogue, and building sustainable cooperation for the common aim.

Participating countries:

  • Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Luxemburg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, South Korea.

Aims of this project:

  • To build a cross-sectorial network and to create joined actions to address the current challenges.

  • To build a necessary set of competences for proficient use of NFE instruments and tools for youth empowerment at local level.

  • To discuss the recognition of competences gained by NFE.

  • To introduce and discuss the ways of integration of NFE activities to the system of formal education.

  • To provide the opportunity to assess the quality of NFE activities and youth empowerment process at local level.


It consists of three training courses taking place in the Czech Republic, Luxembourg and South Korea, online course to extend input and practical phases where the learnt methodology will be tested.

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