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Name: Eva García Oriola

Age: 27

Country of origin: Spain

Studies or job before coming to Czech Republic:

I have a degree in psychology and when I finished my studies, I decided to move to England in order to improve my English and work as a support worker - I was helping people with disabilities.


Likes and dislikes:

I like doing exercise to feel good, I enjoy doing handcrafts, reading and talking to my friends. 

Why have you decided to participate in EVS?

I was interested in European Volunteer Service because It was a good opportunity to live abroad, learn about other customs, meet new people and find your personal and professional way towards the future.

What does EVS mean for you?

For me it has a very important meaning because being a volunteer consists of contributing with ideas or knowledge and helping collectives in a disinterested way. Doing a service carried out outside your country of origin, everything you have learned can be shared with your community or country, thus contributing fresh and new ideas. Also, it contributes a lot to your own development.

What are the main activities that you do here?

My project consists of carrying out activities with children promoting interculturality and learning through play and crafts. I also collaborate to carry out two conversation groups, one in English and one in Spanish, in which we discuss different topics of common interest. Among other specific events.

What do you enjoy most in EVS?

What I like most about EVS is that you have quite flexibility to organize or collaborate in workshops or activities of your interest and the opportunity to discover new skills that you didn't know about yourself.

What do you think about Kuro?

Kuro is a very familiar organization in which all members are willing to help and facilitate the way, making all projects and ideas possible.

What do you think about Hradec Králové? Have your feelings about the city changed since you arrived here?

Hradec Králové is a quiet and historic city with a lot to see. The city has several routes with beautiful landscapes to enjoy during long walks. I like it because it is accessible and easy to handle city.

What do you think about the Czech people?

To be honest, I don't have relationship with many Czechs, I think it is difficult to connect with local people if you don't speak Czech. But, as established by stereotypes, people usually say that czechs are very reserved people.

Can you tell me the main reason why you have chosen voluntary work?

I decided to undertake this project in order to experience adventures, travel, get to know other cultures and countries.

How can you invite others to work in the EVS?

Undoubtedly the EVS is a great opportunity, in a very short time I have been able to improve my English and learn basic phrases in Czech, every day I have activities and events to attend, I have been able to meet other volunteers and some native czech people with whom go out, travel, learn, share experience ...

How will EVS be valuable for you and your future life?

The EVS can help you to discover new areas of work, give you ideas for future projects (personal or professional), help you to get to know yourself a little more, create a great network of friends and contacts ... because even in the bad moments or the bad experiences you can learn a lot and strengthen yourself.

How would you invite young people to take part in EVS so that they have an idea what EVS is and how they can participate?

I recommend to all undecided young people about their future, wanting to change, to leave their city, to see the world, to travel, to meet people and cultures, to embark on the adventure of the European Voluntary Service! You can search for projects on the websites of the European Union, in facebook groups or by asking sending organizations in your city. Just do it!

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