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Informal strategic partnership


Czech Republic, Armenia


1+1 week

About the project:

Strategic mentoring was a project about sharing best practices about mentoring of EVS volunteers and empowerment of mentors itself. In order to achieve the task, we decided that most efficient way was to organize two stage training where representatives from partner organizations, who hosted EVS volunteers, and ideally exchanged volunteers among themselves. In which we for most part succeeded, because call for partners for this event was aimed mostly on reliable partner EVS organizations.

First stage: Activity-Czech Republic (8th-15th February 2016)


  • To assess problems of mentoring throughout partner organizations. 

  • To gather best practices and experiences in mentoring from partner organizations. 

  • To deepen cooperation and networking among EVS partner organizations. 

  • To create methodology and plan for following Mentoring’ trainings. 

Second stage: Activity-Armenia (29th March-3rd April 2016)


  • To prepare mentor for his/her role of guide of learning. 

  • To prepare mentors for most of the possible situations in dealing with volunteer. 

  • To train mentors to hone their competences. 

  • To clarify issues around EVS and Erasmus+ programmes in order to give them broader orientation in the topic. 

Participating countries:

  • Czech Republic, Armenia, Russia, Latvia, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Georgia, United Kingdom, Poland

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