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Name: Rita Moreira

Age: 29

Country of origin: Portugal

Occupation: Artist

Studies or job before coming to Czech Republic:

Fashion design, Ceramics


Likes and dislikes:

Likes: Food, Colors, Laughing. Dislikes: Cold weather, Being bored, Having no inspiration.

Why have you decided to participate in EVS?

To get new inspirations.

What does EVS mean for you?

A way to understand better what others are, that is actually a bridge to understand better yourself.

What are the main activities that you do here?

Being in contact with the community.

What do you enjoy most in EVS?

The opportunity to travel and being part of another culture.

What do you think about Kuro?

Kuro can be a source of freshness to the city of Hradec Králové.

What do you think about Hradec Králové? Have your feelings about the city changed since you arrived here?

Yes, it changed. The city is quiet but organized and confortable, I’m from Lisbon, that right now is boiling with so much life. So it was actually strange for me when I arrived.

What is your opinion about the Czech Republic?

Czech Republic is where it is. Really in the center of Europe, is not an eastern or western or southern or northern country, so is Czech Republic.

What do you think about the Czech people?

I feel Czech people are nice and curious however you’ll not realize this in the first because they are also shy.

Can you tell me the main reason why you have chosen voluntary work?

I came because I have the opportunity. I feel very very lucky of making part of Europe and have this privilege of exchange that is so complete and actually beautiful.

How can you invite others to work in the EVS?

I made a small EVS three years ago in Bulgaria, and since I made it in 2015 I’m always telling people that should make it to.

How will EVS be valuable for you and your future life?

It’s what I said before, If you know more about the world you live, you’ll always know more about yourself, and knowing yourself is actually a very important tool to live your life properly.

How would you invite young people to take part in EVS so that they have an idea what EVS is and how they can participate?

I think EVS and Erasmus+ could be promoted in secondary schools and universities, because in the end of this two chapters can be very useful to have a sabbatical year so you can clear your mind before start another important chapter of your life, and even maybe make a better choice for your future.

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