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Informal strategic partnership


Czech Republic


1 + 1 week

About the project:

Learning how to take care of money at a young age can be crucial in ensuring good finances later in life. By implementing the two-phase project "Money does not grow on trees'' under Erasmus+ program, we want to contribute to financial literacy in society by educating young people in their finances.


The first phase is the Partnership building activity or PBA. It is targeted for teachers, organization representatives, youth workers or anyone that has knowledge of financial literacy and would like to share his/her knowledge with others. Together we prepared the program for the second phase - Training Course (TC) for youth to show young people how to deal with their financial affairs.


First stage: Partnership building activity in Hradec Králové (1st - 8th July 2019)

Aim is to network stakeholders from organizations operating in the area of the Financial Literacy and create contributions to content of following training based on the reality of partner organizations.

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  • Bringing professionals together to learn from each other and to share the best practices

  • Form new partnership bonds that could continue in the form of Erasmus+ initiatives/projects by using non-formal tools

  • Analysis of specific problems/ issues related to educational programs and approach to financial literacy.

  • Based on the knowledge, preparing sessions for the second phase of the project (creating methodology and program for the training course.)

Second stage: Training course in Dvůr Králové nad Labem (15th July-22th July 2019)

The aim is to train participants in the field of financial Literacy and give them competences to be multipliers among their peers.


  • Motivate the participants to reflect on their experience and to identify best practices, creative tools in order to gain knowledge and skills of FL

  • To offer an opportunity for self-assessment of the participants, the embedding of the findings in the personal/professional development plan

  • To give the participants a possibility to train some basic business skills, for example through simulation games and facilitating their final products. So to increase the sense of Initiative and entrepreneurship.

  • To give the participants the possibility to experience the dynamics of the multicultural group through multiple layers of sharing experiences and learn from each other

  • To empower youth by providing them with tools for successful personal budget planning and management

  • Raise awareness about learning opportunities in Erasmus + projects for young people


Participating countries:

Czech Republic, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Portugal, France, North Macedonia, Germany, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Slovakia

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