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Name: Mauro Rebelo Santana

Age: 23

Country of origin: Portugal

Studies or job before coming to Czech Republic:

International Relations degree

Likes and dislikes:

A wide field of studies that allows to understand better the world, nothing to dislike.

Why have you decided to participate in EVS?
I was trying to find something to do after finishing my college degree and EVS was the best option.


What does EVS mean for you? 
Means to learn a new culture, a new language, to help and meet new people.


What are the main activities that you do here?
I help in a Zoo, a Center of Rescue for wild animals, and have a portuguese conversation in a café.


What do you enjoy most in EVS?
To learn a new language, see other points of view, to be usefull.


What do you think about Kuro? 
They try to the best with the little resources that they have.


What do you think about Hradec Králové? Have your feelings about the city changed since you arrived here?
It’s a very nice city, beautiful, with many green spaces. No.


What is your opinion about the Czech Republic? 
It’s a beautiful country, with great nature places, very cheap to travel, with a huge history.


What do you think about the Czech people? 
They are a little closed to new ideas and to foreigners. They love to do outdoor sports and seem to have a great respect for nature.


Can you tell me the main reason why you have chosen voluntary work? 
I was trying to find what to do after finishing college, and I found EVS and made my aplication and was accepted, so I didn’t think twice before saying yes because it was the best option that I had.


How can you invite others to work in the EVS? 
Talking with them, sharing my experience and view.


How will EVS be valuable for you and your future life?
First of all, knowing another language is always a plus, also going to another country alone is an experience that allows for a lot of personal growth. It helps to find the path that I wanna follow in the future.


How would you invite young people to take part in EVS so that they have an idea what EVS is and how they can participate?
I would explain how all the process works, what it looks like to be in EVS, and what are the pros and cons about it.

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