Voluntary projects

Details of project: Details of project: European voluntary service is our key project. As we struggle to promote volunteering as a part of society and rich source of experience and personal development, EVS gives both us and volunteer possibility to learn as well as spread the word about advantages of voluntary activities.

Educational events 
Details of project: Educational events in sphere of non-formal education seminars and trainings

Exhibitions (thorough the year)
Details of project:In cooperation with other organizations

Presentations in schools and other institutions (thorough the year)
Details of project:Our aim is to make debates and presentations in schools or other interested institutions with the help of our EVS volunteers. Theese will be mostly about nation and culture of the volunteer, volunteering, culture etc.


Street music festival (expected date of realization 09/2014)
Details of project:Two day long musical festival which aims to make the streets of the city of Hradec Kralove more alive, to show the citizens something unusual here, but what is common in many of the other European cities with rich cultural life. Make the impression from the city more pleasant for tourists, visitors from region, but mostly for the city inhabitants. The core of the festival are going to be musical performances on the very city streets, underpasses, parks, squares etc., that will be provided by genre different bands and musicians from not only the Czech Republic. Together with this festival a workcamp is planned, which is going to be part of preparations and promotion not of only the festival, but of the volunteering itself. Its participants will get opportunity to take part on the festival as organizers, observers, promoters, documentarists or buskers (street musicians).