KURO Hradec Kralove (KURO is abbreviation from two Czech words: KUltura, ROzvoj, which means culture and development) is non-profit, non-governmental organization founded on 20.08.2012. Our main goal is development of the cultural actions and volunteering in the city of Hradec Kralove. We focus mainly on cultural events of the smaller scale with the support of volunteers mostly on international level.

We think that voluntary experience is not accepted by employers as real life experience as it should be and that is mostly because of general lack of knowledge about how voluntary service contributes to gain work experience and personal development of the volunteer. We consider promotion of the volunteering by cultural actions the best way how to show on public the variety of work done, personal development and other dimensions of the volunteering, which lead to the improvement of the life and society.

Since the September 2012 we are also accredited host organization for European voluntary service (EVS). Since the April 2013 we are accredited as sending and coordinating organization for EVS.

We also organize educational events on international level