About Kuro:

Our organisation was founded to support the culture and to promote volunteering in our city of Hradec Kralove (100.000 inhabitants). We are aware of the fact that EVS could have very positive influence on the volunteer, as well as on the community he/she is doing his voluntary service for. As a part of our activities we would like to introduce an EVS volunteer to our activities sharing common experiences and skills with multicultural dimension.

The city of Hradec Kralove is typical regional centre with plenty of possibilities for culture development; however lack of tourism and international presence in general, leads to the persistence of many stereotypes. In past few years at least the number of the international students grown, making the city citizens feel the touch of foreign cultures. There are movements working with ideas of volunteering and active citizenship but, as far as we know, there is not present a single organization directly in city which would host EVS volunteers and by that support ideas of international volunteering on European level, offering volunteers such an experience..

Rough information about the project:

Venue of the project – Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

Project is long term (usually 10 – 12 months) European Voluntary Service funded by Erasmus+

The project is organized on the base of non-profit, non-governmental organization KURO Hradec Kralove, which focuses itself on cultural development on town by organizing various youth or musical events with the help of volunteers and by that promoting volunteering and active citizenship. Another field is fostering of cooperation among local non-profit organizations with similar aims and organization of international educational events.

The activities may vary depending on particular needs of the community and partner organizations, but they follow our objectives mentioned below. The main aim of the project is to give the volunteer opportunity to gain competences in various fields of work by helping the community.

Our objectives are:

  • To promote international voluntary service, especially EVS and Erasmus+ programme and spread awareness about voluntary movements in general

  • To give the volunteer opportunity to participate on various projects of our organization and by that gain new competences and skills in the field of regional cultural development and promotion of volunteering and learn from the experience

  • To use international and intercultural dimension of the project to break stereotypes and support positive feelings about cultural diverse environment (meetings with youth, presentations about own culture in libraries, schools etc.)

  • Cooperation with various institutions in the city and the region to provide both, museum and volunteer enriching experience following mutual projects aimed on finding the new ways of the exhibition presentation to public using point of view of the person from different cultural background as well as various experiences for volunteer gained from participation on events of the biggest museum in the region.

  • Other actions aimed to raise awareness about volunteering, cooperation in non-profit sector, to help cultural development etc.

 If you are interested to be our volunteer apply to the e-mail address of our EVS coordinator: evskuro@gmail.com